Shop and Establishment Registration

Shop and Establishment Registration is mandatory registration if you own a shop or a commercial establishment in India. The maximum allowed time is 30 days, and you shall apply and submit the license to the department. Our dedicated team will assist you in getting Shop and Establishment Registration in India at a very affordable price. 

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Shop and Establishment Registration Act

The shops and business entities covered by the Act are required to apply for registration under the applicable state Act. Under the Act, all establishments and businesses, including those who work and manage a business from home, must obtain a Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate or Shop License (“Certificate”).

This Certificate is also essential for proprietors who conduct a business from home without a physical store or premises. Owners of e-commerce or online businesses, as well as online stores and establishments, must register under this Act and get a Certificate. Every shop and commercial institution must register with the Act within 30 days of opening for business.

The Certificate or Shop License serves as the business’s basic registration/license. This Certificate is issued in order to get a variety of different business licenses and registrations. It is evidence of the incorporation of a commercial establishment or shop. It is also useful when the business owner wishes to secure a loan or open a current bank account for the company. Most banks will require this Certificate when opening a current account.

The Shop and Establishment Registration Act

The Shop and Establishment Registration Act, among other things, regulates the following matters-

  • Hours of work, annual leave, weekly holidays.
  • Payment of wages and compensation.
  • Prohibition of employment of children.
  • Prohibition of employing women and young persons in the night shift.
  • Enforcement and Inspection.
  • Interval for rest.
  • Opening and closing hoursof office or shop.
  • Record keeping by the employers.
  • Dismissal provisions.
Shop Act Registration Simplified

Applicability of Shop and Establishment Registration

Shop and Establishment act applies to all commercial establishment which includes shops, offices, schools, hospitals, societies, charitable trusts, educational institutions which operate for the motive to earn profits. However, factories are not covered by the shops & establishments Act and are regulated by the Factories Act, 1948.

Documents required for Shop and Establishment Registration

Required Documents in case of Proprietorship firm

Required Documents in case of Private Limited/LLP/ Partnership

Required Documents of Establishment

How to get Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate?

The process for acquiring the Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate varies by state. It is available both online and offline. The operator or owner of the store or business must log onto the respective State Labour Department website to receive the registration certificate online. The proprietor or owner must complete the Shop and Establishment Act application form, upload the required documents, and pay the applicable fees. Fees are set differently in each state. Once the registration form has been approved, the registration certificate will be issued online to the business’s proprietor or owner.

The registration application must be filled out and submitted to the Chief Inspector of the respective area, along with the specified fees, in order to obtain the registration certificate offline. After determining that the application is correct, the Chief Inspector will issue the registration certificate to the owner or proprietor.

The registration application form includes information such as the name of the employer and establishment, address and category of the establishment, number of employees, and other pertinent information. The registration application must be renewed before the registration term expires. The validity of the Shop and Establishment Certificate varies by state. Some states make the Certificate valid for a lifetime, while other states provide the Certificate valid for one to five years.

FAQ on Shop and Establishment Registration

Yes. If you are an owner of a business or have set up a shop in India, you have to adhere to the norms that come under the Shops and Establishment Act and reserve for a license be it in any part of the country. The same can be done via shop act registration online and the registration certificate can be procured which is processed online completely. The shop license must be applied and reserved within the first 30 days of opening your foundation or firm.

Yes. At, the processing of your online application for the shop act registration online is filed on your behalf. After creating a profile an initiation for online registration of Shops & Establishment is made and the registration certificate can be procured. All you have to do is give us your personal information and make sure your services are catered to 100% online with quick online registration and filings.

When you have a business, it is only wise to register it and order a license to get it running. The same can be done by online application thereby intiating an online registration or filing.This registration is vital, because the income you earn from your business cannot be shown as personal earnings. Further, the earnings from your business is taxable for the same. Additionally, it is illegal to be running a business without a business license.

Keeping your business operational without a license can be very dangerous. If authorities are notified, your shop or business can be sealed and closed. Further, you will be levied with fines for functioning without a license. Even lawsuits can be filed against you by a dissatisfied customer when he gains knowledge that you don’t have a business license. All this will eventually lead to a loss of reputation and unnecessary stress. Therefore following the compliance procedure for your business license is wise. Also, when a license can be easily acquired through a simple online application, there is no need to operate a business or a shop without a license. Get in touch with Vakilsearch today. Our experts will create an easy online profile for you and get your license with meagre fees.

The proprietor or owner must fill the application form for the registration under the Shop and Establishment Act, upload the documents and pay the prescribed fees. The prescribed fees differ from state to state.

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