Provident Fund Registration

In India, employers who have employed 20 or more persons are required to register with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and obtain a Provident Fund (PF) registration number. Employers who have less than 20 employees can voluntarily register for PF.  Our dedicated team will help you to your company with EPFO.

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Provident Fund Registration

Employees’ Provident Fund is a social security scheme that helps employees save a small portion of their salary for future benefits. Every company has to offer its employees an EPF or Employees Provident Fund which is akin to a retirement fund. EPF comes under the purview of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPF registration is mandatory for organizations with total employee strength more than 20. Such employers can opt for online PF registration from Vakilsearch. Companies can register for employee provident fund, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Free consultation and form filling
  2. Connect with a dedicated affiliate for data validation
  3. Receipt of PF number

PF Registration: Important Point

Compulsory Registration

The Company or Firm employing 20 or more employees is required to obtain registration with the PF department within 30 days of reaching that number. This number is irrespective of salary.

Voluntary Registration

The employer with the consent of its employee can also seek optional coverage for its establishment so that their employees avail the benefit of the provident fund.

Meaning of Employee for PF

  • Full-time employees
  • Part-Time Employees Employees
  • Working at Home
  • Contract Employees / Full-time Consultants

ESIC with PF Registration

As the PF registration is required only when the number of employees reaches 20, hence ESIC registration is also necessary as is required to be obtained when the number of employee reaches 10

Documents Required For Provident Fund Registration

Any business that wishes to apply for PF needs to submit the following mandatory documents:

  1. PAN card of establishment
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Cross cancelled cheque of establishment
  4. Address proof that is in the name of the establishment. It can be:
    Rent agreement
  5. Water/ Electricity/ Telephone bill
  6. Specimen signature of directors and authorized signatories
  7. Digital signature of the authorized applicant
  8. In case of voluntary registration, consent of the majority of employees

You just need to collect the mandatory documents and send a copy of each document to us. The rest will be handled by our efficient team. From filing the form to verification processes and legal formalities, we handle it all!

PF Registration Fee

Provident Fund

₹ 4999/- ₹ 3499
  • Documentation, Filing of application, Follow up and Issuance of PF number

PF Registration Process

Step – 1: Documentation and Digital Signature

The first step is to scan the documents to be uploaded in the prescribed DPI, followed by making of DSC of Class II for the director / partner, as the application is filed online.

Step – 2: Establishment Registration

The employer profile is created at the EPFO Portal, this process also involves confirmation of contact details by way of OTP. This process also involves PAN verification of the establishment.

Step – 3: DSC Registration of AR On PF Portal

After the establishment profile is verified and active, the next thing is to get the DSC of the director/AR registered on the PF Portal, Java must be correctly configured for DSC Registration.

Step – 4: PF Application Filing

Finally, it is the time of filing the application for PF Registration. the applicant is expected to fill the data correctly and must disclose all detail. On approval, PF Number is allotted

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration with the Provident Fund Organisation is mandatory for establishments employing 20 or more employees.However, However, it can also be taken on a voluntary basis with the consent of its employees. A copy of the declaration by the majority of the employee of opting for voluntary registration is attached with the Form.

Any establishment that employs 20 or more employees is required to register for PF. However, establishments with less than 20 employees can also register voluntarily

PF registration provides several benefits, including social security benefits to employees, tax benefits to employers, and a sense of security to employees.

Every employee of the establishment has to furnish a declaration in Form number 11, the purpose of the form 11 is to give details of the employee to the company/employer for the purpose of doing compliance of the provisions of the PF Act and schemes thereof.

The UAN number is the short form of Universal Account Number Identification Number allotted by the EPFO to its members, this acts as an account number for the employees. The establishment needs to allot UIN number to all existing employees immediately after registration of the establishments.

Both the employee and employer contribute 12% of the salary. The employers part consists of 12% of basic wages + dearness allowance + retaining allowance. If the number of employees is less than 20 in the firm, then the PF rate is 10%.