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Similar to Trusts and Society, Section 8 Company Registration is most preferred form of association for charitable purposes. It is formed to promote research, social welfare, religion, etc. 100% Online Order & Documentation, To Start the process. Chat with Our NGO specialist.

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Section 8 Company Registration Cost

Basic Package

(Only for Registration)

  • DSC & DIN
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA & AOA, Section 8 License
  • PAN Card & TAN

Standard Package

(Include Post Incorporation Compliance)

  • Basic pack +
  • INC 20 A filing
  • ADT 1 filing
  • Share certificate issuance

Premium Package

Cover Mandatory Thing

  • Standard Pack +
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Free consultancy on Compliances

Documents Required For Section 8 Company Registration


  1. Passport Size Colour Photograph
  2. Self attested Pan Card of All Promoters
  3. Self attested Aadhar Card
  4. Identity Proof – Self attested copy Passport or Voter ID Card or Driving License
  5. Address Proof – Recent Month Bank statement , Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill


  1. Proof of Premises (Any One): Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Gas Bill
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) From Owner
  3. Utility bill would not be older then 2 month 
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Section 8 Company Registration - An Overview

Section 8 company is suitable for the non-profit objectives such as the promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social, welfare, religion, charity, protection of the environment and the like. The process of incorporation of a section 8 company is similar to that of any other company registration in India with an additional requirement of a license from the central government under section 8 of the companies act, 2013.

Although, a company registered under section 8 can be a Private or Public Limited Company, its name must not include the words “Private Limited” or “Public Limited”, but must end with any of the following words:

  1. Foundation
  2. Forum
  3. Association
  4. Federation
  5. Chambers
  6. Confederation
  7. Council
  8. Electoral Trust

Requirements for Section 8 Company Registration

For registering a Section 8 company, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. Governed by: Companies Act, 2013.
  2. Members: Minimum of 2 Directors/Shareholders
  3. No Profit Motive: The companies registered under section 8 of the companies act, cannot distribute profits or assets to its members.
  4. Property management: All the properties belonging to a company are vested in the name of the company. These can be sold in conformity to the provisions mentioned in the Companies Act, 2013. The Act says the sale can be done with prior consent of the Company Board of Directors, when they pass a resolution regarding the same.
  5. Closure or winding up: The property and funds of the society, upon its dissolution ( as per the society by-laws) and settlement of all liabilities & debts, may not be equally distributed among the company members. Rather, the same can be transferred or given to some other company, preferably with similar objects.
  6. Annual compliance: The company must ensure its annual compliance by filing its annual returns and annual accounts with the RoC.

Section 8 Company Registration - Stepwise Proccess

STEP 1: Name Reservation

1. Reserve Unique Name (RUN) is a form filed for reserving a name for a new company or for changing its existing name. This is the first step of incorporating a section 8 company.
2. A section 8 company shall usually have words like Foundation, Federation, Society, Council, Club, Charities, Institute, Academy, Organization, Federation, Chamber of Commerce, Development, Association, etc.
3. The name so approved shall be valid for 20 days

STEP 2: Drafting and Filing of Documents for Section 8 Company

Drafting of MOA, AOA, Declarations & Other Relevant Documents, Filing of SPICe+ Form for Incorporation of Company will take time of 2-3 day

STEP 3: Mandatory Compliance after incorporation of section 8 company

Open Bank Account, transfer capital and then file INC 20A (Declaration to Commence Business of the Company) and complete other compliances after incorproation of section 8 company.

Applicability of tax exemption

There is a general notion that a Section 8 company need not pay tax as they work towards the welfare of the public at large. But this is not true. A Section 8 company, like any other legal entity, is liable to pay tax. In order to be exempted from Tax, a Section 8 company is required to obtain certification for the said exemptions such as Section 12 A, 80G etc. from the Income Tax Authorities.