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Section 12 of The Companies Act makes it mandatory for every company to maintain a registered office at all times and in case of changes the same should be reported to ROC by filing form INC-22 within 30 days of such change. Except for change within the city you need to take prior approval from ROC or RD

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Pricing For Registered Office Change

Change Registered Office Local Limits of City

Approval of Board of Directors Is the Only Requirement. Easy and Straightforward procedure. We deliver it within same day.

From One City to Another Within Same ROC

Approval of both director and shareholder is required. You need to file MGT-14 and INC-22 with the ROC.

From Jurisdiction of One ROC to Another

For this process there is an additional requirement of newspaper publication and approval of the RD.

From One State to Another State

The shifting of registered office from one state to another there is a detailed process prescribed in the law.

Registered Office Change

The registered office of the company may be shifted from one place to another by following the procedure as prescribed in the Companies Act and Rules made thereunder. However, the process and documentation are dependent on the nature of change. There are four scenarios which are possible while dealing with the change of the registered address of the company. However, the change in the registered address of the company in the same city is more common and also easy to do.

Four Scenarios Are as under
  1. Change Within Local Limits of City
  2. One City to Another Within Same ROC
  3. From Jurisdiction of One ROC to Another
  4. From One State to Another State

List of Documents required for Registered Office Change

  • New Address of Company for The Registered Address
  • Title document, If the new address is owned by the company, or
  • Rent Agreement + Rent Receipt, of the new address, or
  • Utility Bill of Premises & NOC From Owner of the new address
  • Copy of the Board Resolutions for filing with ROC
  •  Certification by professionals (CA/CS/CMA)
  • Filing of Form INC-22 with MCA Gov

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