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AD Code Registration - Overview

For starting an Import and Export business in India, you must have two registrations as per Government regulations. One is IEC Registration, and another one is AD Code Registration. Without these two registrations, you can not start an import-export business in India. The AD Code is required for customs clearance of your Goods.
An AD( Authorised Dealer) Code is a 14-digit number issued. The purpose behind the AD Code is to ensure that foreign currency transactions in an exporter’s current account are from a legal channel or not.
AD Code registration is required for each port separately for custom clearance of export or Import of Goods.

AD Code is provided by the bank where he holds the business or current account. AD Code is printed on the bank’s letterhead in the set format as prescribed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The bank which is authorised to grant AD Code must deal with foreign currency. Registering AD Code at the port where goods are sent for custom clearance is mandatory. Without port registration of AD Code, the shipping bill number will not be generated, which is a must for the export of goods.

Benefits of AD Code Registration

Following are the various benefits of obtaining AD Code:

  • It assists in developing business and reaching out to a bigger market at the global level. It allows the business to flourish at a rapid pace. 
    Obtaining an AD Code is a one-time process. It means there is no requirement to submit any returns.
  • The AD Code is valid till the existence of the business of its holder. So, there is no requirement to renew it.
  • Based on the AD Code, the businesses receive multiple incentives for their imports or exports from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Export Promotion Council, Customs and several other Government Departments.
  • It is one of the crucial documents to be submitted for export customs clearance. Without it, one cannot produce a shipping bill on ICEGATE, the Indian Customs Electronic Data Exchange Platform.
  • AD Code allows transferring credit to the trader’s current account directly.
  • Any Government advantages one wishes to avail of are credited straight to his current account if he has an AD Code registered custom. 

Packages for AD Code Registration

Basic Pack

4999/- + Tax
  • Online AD Code Registration for 1 Port / ICD

Standard Pack

6,999/- + Tax
  • IEC Code & AD Code Registration for 1 Port / ICD

Premium Pack

8,999/- + Tax
  • IEC Code & AD Code Registration for 1 Port / ICD & LUT Registration

Required Documents for AD Code Registration

Following are the documents that you need to have for the AD Code.

  1.  Bank’s AD Code authorization letter in Annexure-A (original)
  2. Exporter’s letter on letterhead requesting/authorizing the registration of AD Code
  3. Customs broker’s letter on letterhead requesting AD Code registration
  4. GST registration certificate
  5. Import-Export Code License
  6. PAN Card
  7. Export House Certificate (if any)
  8. Manufacturing Licence (if any)
  9. PAN, Aadhaar and Voter ID/Passport of the owners
  10. Organizational Class 3 DSC 
  11. Individual DGFT Class 3 DSC 
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AD Code Registration Process

One has to request their bank for the grant of information on the AD Code of the bank. Once the bank gets the letter of request, then it provides the information in writing. Such a letter must contain information about the applicant’s organisation or business and the export transaction. The complete procedure for obtaining the AD Code is as follows:

  • The applicant needs to have a current account in a bank that deals in foreign exchange.
  • An application to the Branch Manager of the bank where the applicant has the current bank account is made by the applicant in the prescribed format.
  • Bank issues a 14-digit AD Code on its letterhead as per the prescribed standard by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).
  • After obtaining the AD Code from the bank, the applicant registers it with the port from where the goods are to be exported/imported. Nowadays, it is also done through Indian Custom Electronic Gateway, ICEGATE.
  • An ID is created at the ICEGATE portal using organisational-based class 3 DSC.
  • All required documents are collected, and an application is filed at the custom house.
  • Once all the necessary documents are submitted, including information related to exporter and shipping of consignment, then the Registration of AD Code is done.