Trademark Registration fees in India: Exploring the Costs

When it comes to protecting your brand’s identity, trademark registration plays a crucial role. In India, understanding the intricacies of the trademark registration process and associated fees is essential. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various aspects of trademark registration fees in India, from costs to the procedure and frequently asked questions.

Trademark Registration Fees - Cost of Protecting Your Brand

Trademark Registration Fees in India: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to trademark registration in India, there are various fees that applicants need to be aware of. These fees can vary depending on the type of trademark, the number of classes, and other factors. Let’s dive into the details:

Basic Filing Fee

The basic filing fee for trademark registration in India is INR 4500 for individuals and small enterprises, and INR 9000 for all other entities. This fee covers the cost of filing the application and does not include any additional charges.

Trademark Search Fee

Before filing a trademark application, it is advisable to conduct a trademark search to ensure that the proposed mark is available for registration. The trademark search fee in India is INR 500 per class.

Registration Fee

Once the trademark application is accepted by the Trademark Office, the applicant is required to pay the registration fee. The registration fee for trademark registration in India is INR 9000 per class for individuals and small enterprises, and INR 18000 per class for all other entities.

Renewal Fee

Trademark registration in India is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it needs to be renewed. The renewal fee for trademark registration in India is INR 9000 per class for individuals and small enterprises, and INR 18000 per class for all other entities.

Other Miscellaneous Fees

In addition to the above-mentioned fees, there are other miscellaneous fees that may be applicable depending on the specific requirements of the trademark application. These fees can include fees for expedited processing, late renewal, and more.

Documents Require for Trademark Application Filing

  • Information About Applicant 
  • Soft copy of logo in Jpeg formate (if any) 
  • TM -48A 
  • TM – A 
  • Usership Proof – if any

Apply for Trademark

1999 + Govt Fee (₹4500)
  • Trademark Availability Search
  • Trademark Registration Under One Class

Trademark Registration Process

Registering a trademark involves several stages. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process:

1. Trademark Search

Before applying, conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure your chosen trademark isn’t already registered. This prevents unnecessary rejections and saves costs.

2. Filing the Application

Submit the trademark application with the requisite documents and fees. The application can be filed online through the official IP India website.

3. Examination

The trademark office examines the application to check for compliance with legal requirements. They may raise objections or seek clarifications.

4. Publication

If no objections arise or objections are successfully resolved, the trademark application is published in the Trademarks Journal. This allows third parties to oppose the registration if they believe it infringes upon their rights.

5. Registration

If there are no oppositions within the specified period, the trademark is registered, and a certificate is issued.

FAQ's on Trademark Registration in India

Can I register a trademark for free in India?

No, trademark registration involves fees for filing, classification, and other stages. However, reduced fees are applicable for individuals, startups, and small enterprises.

Are the fees refundable if my trademark application is rejected?

No, the fees are non-refundable, regardless of the application’s outcome.

Do I need a lawyer to register a trademark?

While it’s not mandatory, legal assistance is recommended to navigate the complexities and ensure a smooth registration process.

Can I trademark my brand name and logo together?

Yes, you can trademark both your brand name and logo together or separately, depending on your business needs.

How long does the trademark registration process take?

The entire process, from application to registration, typically takes around 18 to 24 months. Delays can occur due to objections or oppositions.

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